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Letters From My Memories

                      My Lesson  ( Letter From My Memories To My English Teacher Ms Chely Rey) Dear Teacher, I read your email many times, and my heart was full of sentiment. 1. Oh, my beloved teacher, I have loved you since you began teaching me to […]

A Trip To America

Letters From My Memories   A Trip To America   My dear teacher, Ms Chely Rey.   I arrived in San Francisco, and I had a good flight. I went into San Francisco over a long bridge. It was all new, beautiful, and strange. I was very delighted. I visited Stanford University with its many […]

My Family

Letters From My Memories    (Send to my English teacher Chely Rey).   Talking about family is interesting to me because I haven’t discussed for a long time. My family is a small one including five people: my mother, mother in law, two daughters and me. My husband died 12 years ago due to lung […]

The Wrinkles

            The Wrinkles We will get older and the wrinkles will come, it’s inevitable, it’s something we have to accept. Years may wrinkle the skin, make us feel that it is too late to do anything and the stage of life belongs to the rising generation.   Let think about […]