Letters From My Memories

                      My Lesson 

( Letter From My Memories To My English Teacher Ms Chely Rey)

Dear Teacher,
I read your email many times, and my heart was full of sentiment.
1. Oh, my beloved teacher, I have loved you since you began teaching me to study English. I will always remember your words, your graceful motions while you tried to help me understand my lessons. Then, I smiled to myself and was delighted in my reminiscence.
When I am reminded of you, I say to myself, “I have had a desire to write about my English teacher since I met her. In these long pages, I will tell you that my teacher has a fresh smile, bright eyes, a good voice and a pen in hand. She has taught me English, but not only English, I have learned from her “my soul’s purpose that is to help others”.
2. I am a doctor, and I have helped many patients. However, I have finished my duty after many years of working which I did quite well, and now I am retired. I have loved all of my patients. Before I retired, I had experienced life and death with them for over 30 years.
Teacher, now my soul’s purpose is to continue loving sick people and helping them to live a quality life.
And another purpose I want to pursue is to work in translation. I want foreigners to understand and love Vietnamese music and poetry through my translations. We have corrected many songs and poems and we have created meaningful new versions. And I will continue this work with your help and I will grow confident with your support.
3. I keep in my mind “must remain humble…”. Thank you for the lesson of humility. I sent my kids your email and Chloe wrote,
” This is amazing, mom. We learn lessons from life and keep it as ours, which becomes personality. Fortunately we met so talented people whom we can learn from them as a teacher of life. I feel peaceful reading it.”

I’m very happy to be your studend and your close friend. I am always looking forward seeing you in every our class.



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