A Trip To America

Letters From My Memories


A Trip To America


My dear teacher, Ms Chely Rey.

I arrived in San Francisco, and I had a good flight. I went into San Francisco over a long bridge. It was all new, beautiful, and strange. I was very delighted.
I visited Stanford University with its many buildings and manicured grassy areas surrounding them. I have never seen anything like it.

I visited the California Academy of Science and I learned a lot about earthquakes and aquatic life in the Bay Area. There is much important research that takes place there.
I visited Twin Peaks in San Francisco, and as I was standing there, I could see the whole city. There are also automatic toilets which clean and wash themselves. They were so convenient

I put my feet on the Golden Gate Bridge. It is beautiful and impressive, and I took some photos of the pretty yellow roses under the bridge. At the moment I was taking photos, I saw five blind people promenading on the bridge. They made me feel that life is always worth living and I thank God for giving me bright eyes to see all the beautiful things in this world.
When I visited Fisherman’s Wharf, I could see across the Bay to Alcatraz Prison. I also visited Chinatown.

On the drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we stopped off at Solvang City where many houses were built with Danish architecture. The Danish houses looked pretty and it was a pleasure for my eyes.
In Los Angeles, I took a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visited Universal Studios. It was magic to see how 3D films are made. I screamed and rejoiced to take part as a character in a film. It made me feel like I was in a movie with them.

I went shopping at Los Cerritos and traveled to San Diego. People said that it takes about 40 minutes to travel from there to the border of Mexico and I felt like you were very near me but I couldn’t visit you
There will be many new and strange things to me. I would like to tell you all the things I have seen and experienced

After traveling with my group for eight days, I decided to travel alone from one state to the other one to visit some friends. I rejoiced to go on my own. It is easy to get lost at the airport. I was worried about missing my flight.

I have seen that America is enormous with many roads and highways. I feel dizzy in front of its imposing scenes and I feel that it could be easy to get los Life in the U.S. is civilized, modern, and disciplined. There are many big roads, wide highways, and different kinds of goods. All the buildings and public works are technically advanced, and every product has quality.

I met people of all races and colours. I enjoyed observing everyone.I love to see parents take their children to Disneyland. They put them in a cart or carry them on their shoulders. All that I saw made me feel good because the children looked so nice and innocent.

I saw many homeless people on the streets of San Francisco which made me sad. I wish everyone could be happy and have a good life. It’s unpleasant to see the poor people in society. It made me think a lot about how we take care of our citizen.
I write a letter from my trip to America. I feel good to see so much through this travel.
I am looking forward seeing you soon.



Đặng Hoàng Lan ( 10/2016).

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