My Family

Letters From My Memories 


(Send to my English teacher Chely Rey).


Talking about family is interesting to me because I haven’t discussed for a long time. My family is a small one including five people: my mother, mother in law, two daughters and me. My husband died 12 years ago due to lung cancer. Since then I have been a mother as well as father to my children. I have fed them, taken care of them and taught them. I have raised my children alone since my husband died.
When I had my first baby, I named her Chu Thoại Phương. I loved her completely, and I didn’t have time for anyone else. I was focused on her. She was my little angel, and in my eyes, she was so tiny, pretty and perfect! I reserved all of my time to care for her. I was delighted to see her grow each day. Seeing her grow up made me feel so satisfied.
Seven years after the birth of my first child, I had another baby girl. Once again, another small beautiful angel came into my heart. Once again, I was crazy in love with this little girl, and I named her Chu Tú Phương .
When she was a baby, I realized that she was perfect in every way. I was pleased with her beauty and loved to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman. I soon discovered that she is an intelligent and humorous person. She is a good and studious student. She is strong, independent and ambitious. I quickly realized that she is exactly like me, and I am very proud of her. If you ask me who my favourite relatives are, I will tell you that the one I love the most is my youngest daughter because we are so much alike.


Đặng Hoàng Lan

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