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Gone with the wind (Chapter 35)

Chapter 35 It was raining when she came out of the building and the sky was a dull putty color. The soldiers on the square had taken shelter in their huts and the streets were deserted. There was no vehicle in sight and she knew she would have to walk the long way home. The […]

Cuốn theo chiều gió (Chương 35)

Chương 35 Scarlett bước ra khỏi nhà giam thì trời đang mưa. Binh sĩ ngoài công viên đã vào cả trong trại, phố xá thật hoang vắng. Trên đường, không một chiếc xe, Scarlett tự biết phải đi bộ về nhà.Men rượu tan dần thcó từng bước chân. Gió rét làm nàng rùng mình, mưa […]

Vanity Fair (Chapter 67)

CHAPTER LXVII Which Contains Births, Marriages, and Deaths Whatever Becky’s private plan might be by which Dobbin’s true love was to be crowned with success, the little woman thought that the secret might keep, and indeed, being by no means so much interested about anybody’s welfare as about her own, she had a great number […]

Vanity Fair (66)

CHAPTER LXVI Amantium Irae Frankness and kindness like Amelia’s were likely to touch even such a hardened little reprobate as Becky. She returned Emmy’s caresses and kind speeches with something very like gratitude, and an emotion which, if it was not lasting, for a moment was almost genuine. That was a lucky stroke of hers […]

Hội chợ phù hoa (Chương 66)

Chương 66 CHUYỆN XÍCH MÍCH CỦA NHỮNG KẺ YÊU NHAU Trước thái độ thân mật thẳng thắn của Amelia, Becky tuy sắt đá vô hạnh thật, nhưng cũng phải cảm động. Đáp lại những cử chỉ vuốt ve trìu mến và những lời nói ngọt ngào của Amelia, Becky đã biểu lộ một cái gì […]