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Agnes Grey (Chapter 4)

CHAPTER IV THE GRANDMAMMA I spare my readers the account of my delight on coming home, my happiness while there—enjoying a brief space of rest and liberty in that dear, familiar place, among the loving and the loved—and my sorrow on being obliged to bid them, once more, a long adieu. I returned, however, with […]

Agnes Grey (Chapter 3)

CHAPTER III A FEW MORE LESSONS I rose next morning with a feeling of hopeful exhilaration, in spite of the disappointments already experienced; but I found the dressing of Mary Ann was no light matter, as her abundant hair was to be smeared with pomade, plaited in three long tails, and tied with bows of […]

Agnes Grey (Chapter 2)

Agnes Grey Anna Bronté CHAPTER II FIRST LESSONS IN THE ART OF INSTRUCTION As we drove along, my spirits revived again, and I turned, with pleasure, to the contemplation of the new life upon which I was entering.  But though it was not far past the middle of September, the heavy clouds and strong north-easterly […]