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Wuthering Heights (Chapter 7)

Wuthering Heights Emily Bronté Chapter 7 In this self-complacent conviction she departed; and the success of her fulfilled resolution was obvious on the morrow: Mr. Linton had not only abjured his peevishness (though his spirits seemed still subdued by Catherine’s exuberance of vivacity), but he ventured no objection to her taking Isabella with her to […]

Đồi Gió Hú (Chương 7)

Đồi Gió Hú Emily Bronté CHƯƠNG 7: CUỘC GẶP GỠ BÍ MẬT CỦA ISABELLA Thoạt đầu Heathcliff sử dụng quyền tự do đến thăm ấp Thrushcross rất thận trọng, như thể cố tìm cách phát hiện xem cậu Linton sẽ chịu đựng những cuộc viếng thăm của cậu ta ra sao. Catherine giờ đây cùng […]

Wuthering Heights (Chapter 6)

Wuthering Heights Emily Bronté Chapter 6 A charming introduction to a hermit’s life!  Four weeks’ torture, tossing, and sickness!  Oh, these bleak winds and bitter northern skies, and impassable roads, and dilatory country surgeons!  And oh, this dearth of the human physiognomy! and, worse than all, the terrible intimation of Kenneth that I need not […]