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On The Banks Of Plum Creek (Chapter 6)

On The Banks Of Plum Creek Laura IngallsWilder Chapter 6 WREATH OF ROSES Out on the prairie beyond the stable there was a long gray rock. It rose up above the waving grasses and nodding wild flowers. On top it was flat and almost smooth, so wide that Laura and Mary could run on it […]

Trên Bờ Suối Plum (Chương 6)

Trên Bờ Suối Plum   Laura Ingalls Wilder CHƯƠNG 6  VÒNG HOA HỒNG Trên  đồng cỏ phía bên kia chuồng bò, có một dải đá màu xám. Dải đá vườn lên khỏi thảm cỏ gợn sóng và những cụm hoa dại đu đưa. Mặt dải đá bằng phẳng gần như nhẵn thín, đủ rông cho […]

On the Banks Of Plum Creek (Chapter 5)

On the Banks Of Plum Creek Laura a Ingalls Wilder Chapter 5 STRANGE ANIMAL All the next day Laura remembered. She remembered the cool, deep water in the shade of the tall willows. She remembered that she must not go near it. Pa was away. Mary stayed with Ma in the dugout. Laura played all […]