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Jane Eyre (Chapter XIX – XX)

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Chapter XIX The library looked tranquil enough as I entered it, and the Sibyl– if Sibyl she were–was seated snugly enough in an easy-chair at the chimney-corner. She had on a red cloak and a black bonnet: or rather, a broad-brimmed gipsy hat, tied down with a striped handkerchief under […]

Jane Eyre (Chapter XVI – XVII – XVIII)

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Chapter XVI I both wished and feared to see Mr. Rochester on the day which followed this sleepless night: I wanted to hear his voice again, yet feared to meet his eye. During the early part of the morning, I momentarily expected his coming; he was not in the frequent […]

Jane Eyre (Chapter 7)

Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Chương 13 NHỮNG CHUYỆN KỲ LẠ Thưa qúy vị độc giả, nhiều tuần đã trôi qua, có nhiều việc xảy ra thật kỳ lạ và thật hãi hùng, khiến tôi phải căng thẳng cả người, phải lo âu cho nên tôi chỉ xin kể ra vài việc cụ thể mà thôi, […]