Learning English

             Learning English

My hobby is learning English. English is a world language that is spoken and studied all over the world. I enjoy learning English because it helps me communicate with foreigners, read a book, write a paragraph, listen to a song, or watch an English language movie.


How do I feel about English? When I speak English I can hear changes in my voice as it gets deeper and more soothing. When I communicate with foreigners in English I feel myself stronger and more cònident. When I read a book, an article, or a novel in English, I have a better understanding of life, and different cultures and customs around the world. My spiritual life and personal beliefs have become richer and deeper. When I write a paragraph or translate a song in English, I am happy with my progress in writing. I feel good when I can translate a beautiful poem. When I have sent English articles to foreigners, I have chosen articles with an interaction between Eastern and Western cultures. When I listen to a song or watch a film in English, I find the beauty and subtlety of the English language.


Learning English is not only a pleasure, it is a real necessity for me as it is for others who long for meaningful cultural exchanges with foreigners.

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