My favorite season is autumn. Autumn is the season of painted leaves. Leaves start to change colors from red to orange to yellow. The most abundant color is yellow. The dead leaves and dry grass are all bright sunny shades of yellow. Autumn always fills us with longing. It makes us reminisce about the past. It inspires poets and musicians. Autumn is the season of chrysanthemum flowers that are sold everywhere. It is the season when kids go back to school after three months of vacation. There are days when I see a rainbow on the way to work. Above the rainbow where flocks of blue-feathered birds fly, real dreams come true. It’s quite cold and foggy. The gray of autumn makes me tired and I just look for a dark warm corner to curl up in a blanket and sleep. At the end of autumn, the roads fill with dry leaves up to the knees as written in the poem by Lưu Trọng Lư ” A golden deer bewilders as it jumps on dry yellow leaves”. I want to borrow a song about autumn that touches my heart. It was written by Lam Phương. ” There are so many yellow leaves in deserted forests. I have so much sorrow”. For me, autumn is bittersweet because it reminds me of the beautiful sadness of life.

One response to “Autumn”

  1. nguyentanlong150417 says :

    Great ! Your letters came to my soul. Thanks you.


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