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Without You

Without You You know, my king I miss you everyday I wait for you I see you on the screen through my virtual eyes In my dream hoping my dream comes true. You are not here far away, far from me hiding in a place where I can’t see you or touch you. I miss […]

Your Eyes

       Your Eyes I love your eyes They speak so much The language of them More evocative Than any spoken one Whatever their shade Whatever their shape Your eyes are a window Where a million thoughts And a thousand desires have lived unfulfilled How could I not fall for your eyes? Đặng Hoàng […]

What About Art?

           What   About Art?   Art is the expression of the rapture of being, hopefully unveiling a fragment of the radiance within all forms. Art can awaken the soul to the timeless presence of beauty.   Art creates beauty and inspires the viewer with its creativity. It makes the mind […]

What About Artist ?

t      What about Artist? Artists are full of human emotions. They smile or frown, weep or rejoice. They are happy or sad, strong or weak, positive or negative, good or bad, generous or stingy. They are very sensitive, have a perfect inner eye to detect any change in mood, and go through enormous […]