Please Teach Me English

English is fun on the run. Learn it and you will be the one.


Never say Yes
And then you say No
It is a bad behavior
If you would like to know
But If you say No.
And then you say Yes
It will be like a sunny day
After days of snow.


How could I say,

“I love you,”
And lie?
I am a simple teacher
Joggling with a smile.
Test my motive
And see if i am shy
I am an exception to the rule
Catch me when I sigh.


Be A Compassionate Teacher And Smile.

The sky is high
And I am down
On earth illuminating
Life with my smile
Be my true friend
And let us walk together
One mile and then another mile
I am not new here
Humanity is my own country
With me, you can always try
Let us practice faith
And honesty without lie




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