Autumn Of Longing

   Buồn tàn thu

Ai lướt đi ngoài sương gió
Không dừng chân đến em bẽ bàng
Ôi vừa thoáng nghe em
Mơ ngày bước chân chàng
Từ từ xa đường vắng
Ðêm mùa thu chết
Nghe mùa đang rớt rơi theo lá vàng
Em ngồi đan áo
Lòng buồn vương vấn
Em thương nhớ chàng
Người ơi còn biết em nhớ mang
Tình xưa còn đó xa xôi lòng
Nhờ bóng chim uyên nhờ gió đưa duyên
Chim với gió
Bay về chàng quên hết lời thề
Áo đan hết rồi
Cố quên dáng người
Chàng ngày nao tìm đến còn nhớ đêm xưa
Kề má say xưa
Nhưng năm tháng qua dần mùa thu chết bao lần
Thôi tình em đấy như mùa thu chết
rơi theo lá vàng.

Tác giả: Văn Cao

( English Version)

Autumn of Longing


Who came out of the fog and blowing wind?
My longing grew as I waited for your unrealized arrival.
Oh, in those haunting moments,
I dreamt of your light footstep nearing my front door,
Coming down the road from so far away on that day.


I have counted each ephemeral autumn,
And have witnessed the tumbling seasons,
That have come and gone with the golden withering leaves.
Then while quietly knitting in my chair,
I was consumed with a deep yearning for you.


Oh, my darling, did you know I missed you each day?
That our former love still remained rooted in my heart’s anguish?
Then I had only to wait for the birds’ shadow and the wind’s conveyance,
Soaring on the feathered wings of hope that you would come back to me,
Innocently unaware that you had already forgotten our faithful oath.


I finished knitting your sweater while I pined for you,
As I tried to forget all the things which were yours.
But then one day you came back to me again.
And I wondered if you still remembered that night long ago,
When we were passionately embraced cheek to cheek?


Now the years have reluctantly marched on.
How many autumns have passed since you left?
Oh, no, our love was like that faded dying season,
That has come and gone with the golden withering leaves.


Đặng Hoàng Lan Translated From The Song ” Buồn Tàn Thu” Of Văn Cao.


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