Without You

Without You

You know, my king
I miss you
everyday I wait for you
I see you on the screen
through my virtual eyes
In my dream
hoping my dream comes true.
You are not here
far away, far from me
hiding in a place where
I can’t see you
or touch you.
I miss you
your verses
I want to read the words
to hear from you,
when you smile
Or when I tease you.
Without you
I feel alone
as a rose withers away
my eyes full of tears
waiting for you.
Đặng Hoàng Lan

One response to “Without You”

  1. Jaffer says :

    In love, I am new
    I dip my heart in the river of joy
    And swim without a clue
    I need a guide to teach me
    How to dance in your world
    So I can grow and glow
    Can you just print a kiss
    On my neck with your lips
    Leaving on it one drop of your dew?
    Can you hug me tight
    And roam around thru and thru?
    I am an innocent child
    I need to learn few tricks
    Tell me what I should do!

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