Where Does Happiness Come From?

Where does happiness come from?


One day, she came to me.
I was sitting in the garden.
She asked me, ” Where can I find the happiness?”.
I showed her the sky above us which was filled with blue clouds,
Drops of water rested on the leaves after the rain,
Birds were singing their songs,
Streams were murmuring around us.
The sounds seemed to be delightful and magic.
I said to her happiness in here.
When you come back home, you will meet your family.
Let them give you all their love and joy
And, happiness will be with you.
Then, she sat down beside me, and held my hands,
My eyes looked through her soul, and my heart touched hers.
We kissed each other and fell in love.
She found the greatest happiness
That is my love.
Đặng Hoàng Lan

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