Archive | March 2, 2017

A Trip To America

Letters From My Memories   A Trip To America   My dear teacher, Ms Chely Rey.   I arrived in San Francisco, and I had a good flight. I went into San Francisco over a long bridge. It was all new, beautiful, and strange. I was very delighted. I visited Stanford University with its many […]

My Family

Letters From My Memories    (Send to my English teacher Chely Rey).   Talking about family is interesting to me because I haven’t discussed for a long time. My family is a small one including five people: my mother, mother in law, two daughters and me. My husband died 12 years ago due to lung […]

Where Does Happiness Come From?

Where does happiness come from?   One day, she came to me. I was sitting in the garden. She asked me, ” Where can I find the happiness?”. I showed her the sky above us which was filled with blue clouds, Drops of water rested on the leaves after the rain, Birds were singing their […]

Art, My Love

Art, My Love I fell in love with you At first sight I saw you hanging on the wall of my heart Your color was delightful and magic You depicted all the nuances of love You illustrated the beauty of joy You altered the pulses of my soul You are a colorful poem You sent […]

Without You

Without You You know, my king I miss you everyday I wait for you I see you on the screen through my virtual eyes In my dream hoping my dream comes true. You are not here far away, far from me hiding in a place where I can’t see you or touch you. I miss […]

Your Eyes

       Your Eyes I love your eyes They speak so much The language of them More evocative Than any spoken one Whatever their shade Whatever their shape Your eyes are a window Where a million thoughts And a thousand desires have lived unfulfilled How could I not fall for your eyes? Đặng Hoàng […]