Call Me

         Call Me


Call me the wind
I will blow around you
and I will be the air you breathe
I will whisper in your ear each morning
And wake you up dancing to a tune with me.

Call me a cloud
I will be your pillow, fluffy and soft for you to rest your head on
or a bed sheet to cover you each night
I will paint clouds in your heart to make you rejoice
Floating in your mind, I will always be with you.

Call me a flower
I will be a beautiful, fresh and scented one
and I will be the perfume you feel most deeply
That I planted deep inside your heart
and I will never leave you.

Call me a pen
I will be in your hands all the time
Touching your skin, hearing your breath
I put my feelings into words
I write for you, because of you.

Call me chocolate
I have a sweet and dainty taste (flavor)
I melt on your tongue, and make you shiver down your spine
You feel so fluffy and soft
When you miss me, just look for me.


Đặng Hoàng Lan


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