Archive | February 28, 2017

The Wrinkles

            The Wrinkles We will get older and the wrinkles will come, it’s inevitable, it’s something we have to accept. Years may wrinkle the skin, make us feel that it is too late to do anything and the stage of life belongs to the rising generation.   Let think about […]

Dream Of You

        Dream Of You You are in my dreams As I dream each night You come to me To take me to places Where there are clouds That touch the horizon And paint the sea You took my hands As we walked on the sand You told me stories And whispered in […]

Call Me

         Call Me   Call me the wind I will blow around you and I will be the air you breathe I will whisper in your ear each morning And wake you up dancing to a tune with me.   Call me a cloud I will be your pillow, fluffy and soft […]

Tình Ca – Love Song For My Homeland

                 Tình Ca Tôi yêu tiếng nước tôi từ khi mới ra đời, người ơi Mẹ hiền ru những câu xa vời À à ơi ! Tiếng ru muôn đời. Tiếng nước tôi ! Bốn ngàn năm ròng rã buồn vui Khóc cười theo mệnh nước nổi trôi, […]