What If

                What If


What If
There was a day, I would see you in a crowd
In the crowd of people, I would see only you
With your bright eyes, your fresh smile
Ordinary to everyone, but special to me.

What If
I fell in love with you
With your endless knowledge, you are a smart boy
Open my mind, you could show me the world
Kind to everyone, you could guide me to live.

What If
You said to me, “I love you” just one time
Holding my hands, you put them on your heart
Reaching for my dreams, I would lose control
Under skies so vast, with clouds so blue.

What If
Day after day, our love grew and became brilliant
Smiling at you, I would fly through the air,
Living in bliss, you would guide me with your verse
On the road to humanity, you would be my companion

Đặng Hoàng Lan

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